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Córdoba, 2 de mayo de 2018.- Galpagro, as Consortium Leader and on behalf of the other project partners is in charge of searching and selecting an externally to be hired Compliance Manager (CM). The LIFE Resilience project (LIFE17 CCA/ES/000030), will run from 1/7/2017 till 30/06/2022. It aims to prevent the occurrence of Xyllela fastidiosa in intensive olive & almond plantations applying productive green farming practices. It is executed in Spain, Portugal and Italy and has a total of 9 partners.

The consortium will hire an expert or company with demonstrated experience in administrative and compliance tasks in LIFE projects. The project director of Galpagro will be supported by the CM. Together, they will be directly responsible for maintaining regular contact with the European Commission (EC) and supervising project execution and project progress in the broadest manner. The Project Director supported by the Compliance Manager is responsible for the stipulation of a partnership agreement (PA) with all project partners at the beginning of project execution, in line with the program rules. The Compliance Manager will be in charge of drafting the PA under the direct supervision of the project director. When specific technical issues are at stake, the Compliance Manager may collaborate with the project director in his tasks/contacts with the EC and LIFE monitor only after having received written instructions by leader Galpagro. After confirmation of the PAs, a signed copy of them will be sent to the EC in the first months of the project.

Galpagro’s project director and administrative assistant, together with the Compliance Manager, will regularly monitor compliance of activities, outputs and expenditures produced by the Project. Compliance Manager will advise the project director in all issues at stake. They will also collect, verify and archive partners´ financial support documentation. Furthermore, they will supply the consortium with the necessary support and information on the accounting of expenditures, rules regarding publication, assignment of external contacts and modification of the project (amendments).

Upon Galpagro’s decision the Compliance Manager might be asked to organize a workshop for all partners on administrative issues during the Kick-off meeting and coordinate the drafting of narrative and financial reports. Compliance Manager can be asked by Galpagro to prepare communications towards EC in case problems arise or modifications are desired.

All partners have agreed to divide the proportional costs of the Compliance Manager proportionately according to each individual budget. CM will invoice each partner for the specific work undertaken according to these budgets. Apart from the above, the Compliance manager's contract specifications will identify in detail all the functions that the Compliance Manager must provide to the consortium. Galpagro will be signed between Galpagro and CM on behalf of the other partners (who will approve this contract by email or writing, approvals to be annexed to the contract). Contract will only by signed after signature of the Grant Agreement between Galpagro and EASME (expected in June 2018).

Offers are expected before the 25th of May and need to include reference to the full project name and code as stated above. Please include a list of references. In the offer it is important to describe at least:

  • 3 years proven experience in Compliance Management activities in LIFE and Horizon 2020 project(s)
  • Proven experience in training (of partners) and ability to give presentations on all of the administrative aspects of a LIFE project
  • Fluency in Spanish and English required, basic knowledge of Portuguese and Italian will be positively regarded
  • Tasks are mostly arranged online (email) and telephone/Skype. Galpagro will prepare a secure online sharing account to host the different administrative documents.
  • At least once a year a personal meeting is required. The first will be organized in the third week of July 2018 in Córdoba or Sevilla. Here the selected CM will firstly give a financial workshop to instruct partners on the administrative requirements.
  • Galpagro will be responsible for collecting all information (and CM will be responsible for editing this information) for 3 reports to EASME (midterm, progress, final) on the basis of the reports and deliverables by the project partners.

If interested, please contact us here or by phone to project manager Teresa Carrillo, T: 664687386, or by email directly: